Video Evidence Recovery Kits

Penumbra offers two flavors of video evidence recovery kits. These are both designed to be efficient, effective, and budget-minded, allowing officers and investigators the highest chance at recovering the best evidence possible from the wide variety of video systems in use in homes, businesses, and in other public spaces.

Basic Kit – $499

The basic kit includes a wide breadth of items that are necessary in recovering video evidence from commercial video systems. These include a variety of storage devices (CDs, DVDs, USB Drives, Micro SD Cards, and an External Hard Disk Drive), video signal converters, all common video input cables, a video capture device, a media card reader, a custom notepad (with a common system password list), and other system interface items. The basic kit is stored in a compact laptop bag for easy transport to to incident scenes and for easy expansion with supplemental items.

Advanced Kit – $1,995

The advanced kit contains all items included with the basic kit, with the addition of a portable display/monitor and a high-end laptop computer configured for optimal on-scene video playback. The advanced kit is stored in a high quality laptop bag for easy transport to to incident scenes.


Kits are shipped via UPS, FedEx, or the USPS (whichever offers the best price at time of quoting). Shipment is made within two to three weeks of purchase. Shipping costs are determined and added onto the total quoted/invoiced cost.

Kits may also be picked up if in the local Metro Detroit area, or they may be obtained during our training courses if purchased alongside a seat in the class. If obtained purchase via the training discount bundle, the kit will be provided during the training course rather than being shipped.


Kits purchased in conjunction with Through the Lens – Video Evidence Recovery Basics registrations receive a 10% discount to the above pricing (one discount per kit per registration). Previous registrations from your agency will count toward this discount.

Payment Methods

Kits can be purchased by either credit card or by check, with invoices generated for either option. Quotes can be provided as well.

These kits are sold tax-free to eligible tax exempt entities. For taxable entities, Michigan’s sales tax rate of 6% will apply to kit purchases.

Payment terms are net 30 from the date of delivery.

To purchase our toolkit(s), please click here.

Toolkit Flier (PDF)