Use the below form to contact our team to request that you host one or more of our training courses.


For All Courses, the room in which training takes place must have adequate seating for the course that is being taught (class-specific numbers below). The room must be quiet and free of interruptions. The room must be secure, as course equipment/materials may be left there overnight. A functioning projector system or large monitor/display must be present in the room. A computer capable of running PowerPoint and playing videos is required, or an HDMI interface to the projector/monitor must be accessible. Internet access is preferable. Access to the training space must be made available to instructor(s) the day prior to the course (or at least two hours prior to the course start times) and two hours after the course end times. Courses start at 8 a.m. at the earliest, and they run until 4 p.m. at the latest.

Through the Lens – Video Evidence Recovery Basics is designed for twenty-one students, though this can be raised to twenty-eight if necessitated. There must be enough space to hold a minimum of sixteen students*. Additional (power accessible) table/desk room is needed for our video systems to be setup.

Digital Evidence Basics is designed for twenty to thirty students, though this can be raised to meet the demands of the area. There must be enough space to hold a minimum of twenty students*.

*Additional costs per student may apply if the venue cannot host our standard minimums. These additional costs would roughly reflect the costs of the absent student spots.

We require at least a three month notice in order to discuss logistics, schedule final dates/times, make travel arrangements, post course listings, and garner interest in the course(s).

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One free seat is provided for hosting a course. An additional free seat is given for every six paid seats purchased by any attendees.

(e.g. Six paid seats would mean two free seats for your agency. Twelve paid seats would mean three free seats for your agency).