Let your scene speak for itself. Whether it is a presentation to command stand for for use as an exhibit in court, being able to generate quality maps of a crime scene is an invaluable resource for your agency to have available. These maps can be used to show the path a suspect took, the location and coverage of security cameras, and where key evidence was located.

Map Creation for Case Presentation is a three-hour long training course designed to assist law enforcement personnel in the development of digitally created crime scene maps. These maps can be presented in court as an exhibit that captures the essential aspects of a crime, so that the judge and jury can fully understand what had transpired at your scene, or to command staff so that the totality of an incident can be understood by supervisors and administrators

Instruction will include the use of free image editing software, which allows your department to create immersive maps without an impact on the budget. Using this software, attendees will learn how to generate professional graphical representations and include text overlays.

This class is open to any law enforcement or government investigative personnel who may have occasion to generate maps for cases or incidents.

The course is designed and taught by active law enforcement personnel who have experience in map creation and image manipulation programs. Students will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.


No prior investigative or computer experience is required, though a basic understanding of how to interact with computer systems and applications is highly beneficial.

Must be employed by a law enforcement agency, a government regulatory/investigative body (liquor control commission, gaming control board, child protective services, animal control, state fraud investigations, arson investigations, corruption investigations, etc.), or a prosecuting attorney’s office. Inquiries as to eligibility may be made using our contact form.

Software / Hardware:

A computer running Windows or MacOS is required to participate in the exercises posed in this course. It is recommended that this computer have a dedicated graphics card for processing through the video editing software covered during the course.

Utilization of two monitors is highly recommended, as it allows for the course to be viewed on one screen while the attendee follows along on the other.

Administrative rights or I.T./I.S. installation of the below programs will be required:

GNU Image Manipulation Program will be required to follow along with the course materials. This is free software and does not require purchasing.

Snipping Tool/Snip & Sketch or any program/feature that allows for the screenshots being captured. Snipping Tool/Snip & Sketch is already installed on all Windows computers.

Price: $250 per student | Bulk discounts available

Michigan: MCOLES 302/LED funds approved

Length: Three hours

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